Music therapy Hipérion® 

The ear is a window at the disposal of our nervous system to open to the outside. The perceptions we have result from our different senses. Their dysfunction lead to distorted perception and thus, ill-adapted answers to our environment. Furthermore, our sensations reflect our psychological state: there are none so deaf as those who will not listen. Hearing is modelled by sensory and affective experiences, felt or lived during our life. Hence, left ear and right ear provide different information.

  • The left ear (past, passive) represents the anima, the mother, the childhood, the emotional sphere, self-sacrifice.
  • The right ear (project, active) interpret the animus, the father, justice, the boss, the current period, action, conquest.

Listening is at the core of researches in receptive music therapy (the patient is not active, one works upon the reception of sounds). If listening is disrupted, psychic balance is shaken.

The listening check:

Basic element of the Hiperion sonic cure, the listening check shows the emotional and behavioural state of the patient. It enables to establish the hearing threshold for each frequency. The results obtained take the form of curves called audiograms. The peaks (hyper hearing) and the off-peaks (hypo hearing) reveal the psychological (and physical) state of the patient at the moment of examination. Hence anxiety, depression, sense of abandonment, lack of confidence, affective dependency, and emotional outbursts may be “unmasked”.

The listening check is a determining factor to adjust the settings of the sonic treatment.

The sonic cure, based on listening filtered music, represents a real starter for change. By improving perception, learning abilities are improved, that is why this cure is particularly recommended for people having learning difficulties, having difficulty to integrate unusual information or simply, some difficulty to progress. This better relationship to the environment opens doors towards working on oneself, especially because of a better communication with the therapist.

For further information

Other types of active or passive music therapy are planned to integrate into Integrative Medicine Institute in the months ahead.