Nutrition & dietetics

Our diet is unquestionably one of the 3 pillars for supporting optimal health, along with physical activity and stress management.

Foods can be used as a preventive measure, but also have curative effects for many illnesses, especially for the chronic diseases. Conversely some foods can make us sick, in different ways. From an individual point of view, it could be an intolerance or an allergy to some specific food. Generally the frequent consumption of processed food (industrial), poor in essential nutriments or containing too many pesticides and other environmental pollutants, an imbalance between foods sources of proteins, fats and sugars, cause dysfunction of the metabolism, generating many diseases of civilisation.

This dysfunction is most of the time related to an intestinal dysbiosis, as the environmental factors perturb the microbiote or gut flora (populations of bacteria colonising our digestive system).

However an appropriate diet is surely necessary, though not always sufficient to heal an illness.

Integrative medicine precisely enables a synergy between all different therapeutic tools at your disposal.

Neverthless are foods sufficient to cover our nutritional requirements ?

The answer must be qualified : indeed processed foods are detrimental to health and the environment, but real foods are not what they used to be : saturated  with toxicals and devoid of their nutritional content, it is nowadays hard to stay healthy without choosing organic food and food supplements. These measures can help decrease inflammation, acidification and oxidative stress in our organism.

Vitamine D, Omega-3 (krill oil) and magnesium are pluripotent supplements because they all influence a huge number of diseases. The majority of the Western population have a deficiency of these nutrients, and many people could benefit from them. It is for me the « winning trifecta » of the supplements.

But let us not forget that supplements are not entirely going to replace the richness and variety of real foods and the pleasure they give us when eating them. This is why I attach a great importance on  cooking, which increases the value of simple products and preserves their nutritional wealth, through adapted methods of preparation. It is necessary to point out that preserving nutrients is preserving the taste of food. Without vitamins, minerals and other vegetal substances foods would not have any flavour !

Nutritional follow-up

In a nutshell, my advice will allow you to rebalance your metabolism in different ways :

  1. Individualised food planning with ideal proportion between proteins, fats and carbohydrates (according to your health's symptoms and based on the most advanced scientific knowledge)
  2. Increase your nutritional density (proportion between micronutrients and calories) through a judicious choice of foods and method of preparation.
  3. Customised use of food supplements, according to your habits and your biological checkup : choice of supplements with the best cost-efficiency quote, adapted dose and term of use (I must point out that I'm not a representative for a specific brand and have no commercial ties).
  4. Better knowledge about contamination of foods by environmental toxicals and the ways to protect yourself against it.
  5. According to your needs, advice for cooking, adaptation of recipes, management of meals, use of leftovers, reading of labels on packages...
  6. Sensitizing to the ecological aspects and choices in your way of eating that favorise a sustainable growth.

I can also orientate and motivate you to choose a physical activity, adapted to your needs, your abilities and your schedule.

For more informations about my nutritional concepts, I invite you to visit my blog :

Offer & Term

My services are covered by all swiss health insurances (LaMal) on medical advice. For prevention counselling, some companies refund the dietetic consultations with a complementary insurance (you have to check for every case).

For consultations at your charge, my fees are :

120 .- for the first consultation (60 mn)

80.- for following consultations  (normally 30 mn)

60 to 80.- from 7th consultation (according to time)

These fees include the preparation of documents for the next appointment.

Langages : french-english.

The first meeting allows to define the objectives of follow-up, to specify your expectations and your motivation, to recapitulate your health symptoms and to relate them to your present food habits. It is useful to assess what kind of relation you have with food, in order to opt for the best strategy. As a matter of fact, it might also be necessary to assess your stress level, and psychological or emotional factors wich could generate eating disorders. For these kind of troubles, my approach is based above all on behaviour (how and why you eat) and less on the quality of food.