The Method

Sophrology is a structured method created to produce optimal health and well-being. It consists of a series of easy-to-do physical and mental exercises that, when practiced regularly, lead to a healthy, relaxed body and a calm, alert mind. The exercises are called dynamic relaxation (relaxation in movement). The ultimate aim is to become fully present, fully alive and fully participating, comfortably and joyfully, in all areas of life.

Just like a sports coach, a sophrologist coaches your mind to help you reach your maximum potential.

Sophrology has a wide range of applications and is used in business, sport, schools, universities, relationships, hospitals, childbirth. It is an integral part of the training in the Geneva police force.

What happens during a session?

Consultation: discuss your problem with your therapist and decide on the objectives of the treatment.

Relaxation: dive into a state of meditation (also called “altered state of consciousness”, similar to the state you are in when half asleep)

Visualization: individualized work based on the objective. The sophrologist guides your attention to visualize and imagine a state of more balanced, relaxed and peaceful state of mind.

Coaching: awake your potential to help you takle your obstacles on both a personal and professional level. The NLP (Neuro linguistic programmation) and the transactional analysis are tools used in coaching.

Benefits of sophrology

  • Promotes your vitality and reduces fatigue
  • Makes you calmer and reduces stress
  • Builds your confidence and reduces worry
  • Improves your concentration and memory
  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Normalizes you heart rate
  • Promotes better absorption of nutrients


Isabelle Bester can work in both French and English

Price and Recognition

1h session costs CHF 130
1h30 session costs CHF 160

Isabelle Bester is certified by ASCA, allowing for reimbursement by complementary health insurances.

Payment can be done by card or by cash at the end of the session.